Ambassade du Gabon en Belgique

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      • Independence Date: 17 August 1960 (from France)
      • Capital: Libreville
      • TLD: ga , Phone Code: +241
Av. Winston Churchill 112
Brussels, 1180
view phone+32 2 340 62 10
view fax+32 2 346 46 69

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I believe that Gabon represents the ultimate Greenfield investment opportunity. Rarely is an investor presented with the opportunity to develop projects in a country blessed with such abundant and rare natural resources, in an environment where we are still at the stage of structuring the investment environment. Rarer still is it the case that the Government actively welcomes the input of investors at the outset to ensure the business climate is attractive and sustainable.
We seek responsible and strategic investment partners to support us to develop our country because we understand the value of the opportunities we offer and most importantly, because the Gabonese people depend on us to manage our national resources transparently and responsibly.

I have taken a leadership stand to ensure that our resources are developed in partnership with experienced and qualified experts who respect our desire to drive development responsibly. Our approach is already yielding significant interest from serious investors whose radars had never previously registered Gabon as a viable investment destination.

Gabon is open for business. Since my Government took office, we have set out an ambitious agenda, anchored in the values of good governance and accountability to our people and centered on reform. We have developed three strategic pillars to support “Gabon Emergent our strategy to create an emerging economy: le Gabon Vert (Green Gabon); le Gabon Industriel (Industrial Gabon); and le Gabon des Services (Service-oriented Gabon). This clear focus on the areas where we believe we have -- or can develop -- distinct competitive advantage enables us to prioritize the sectors which will drive our growth.